Aloha Petroleum to pay $650,000 fine for tank violations

Aloha Petroleum to pay $650,000 fine for tank violations

HILO, Hawaii (AP) - Aloha Petroleum has agreed to pay $650,000 to settle Clean Air and Clean Water acts violations at its Hilo East bulk fuel storage terminal near Hilo Harbor.

West Hawaii Today reports Aloha Petroleum recently shut down operations at the facility. The Environmental Protection Agency says the company can't reopen the terminal until vapor controls are installed and oil spill containment is improved.

An unfiled legal complaint prepared by the U.S. Attorney says that problems with fuel vapor emissions at the Hilo terminal occurred nearly a decade ago after a new ethanol line was added and components of two existing gasoline lines were replaced.

The complaint also lists problems with a Nov. 2011 fuel spill at the facility.

Aloha Petroleum said in a statement it is making improvements at the terminal.

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