USWNT explains decision to cancel

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Following the cancellation of Sunday's match between the U.S. Women's National Team and Trinidad and Tobago, the players from team U.S.A. penned an article for their fans explaining the decision to call off the game. The article is entitled Equal Footing, which according to the team, is what they're hoping they'll be offered after taking a stance this weekend.

In the article players from the U.S. Women's national team explain that no one from the U.S. Soccer federation inspected the field at Aloha Stadium until just days before the match, and it wasn't until the players saw it themselves that they realized the condition of the turf was not suitable to play on.

Yesterday prior to an open practice at the stadium 2015 Women's World Cup MVP, Carli Lloyd expressed concern after seeing the field in person.

"You know when you look at a surface like this, you know just worry that people are going to get injured and something is going to happen but it's just unfortunately, I hate to be honest the surface is a bit risky out there" said Lloyd.

Lloyd took to twitter today to explain that she and her teammates began to grow concerned over the "unsafe playing conditions. Sharp rocks all over the field. Loose and uneven seems."

While the physical state of the field at Aloha Stadium may have been the team's break point, according to the players the heart of the issue lies in the apparent discrepancy regarding player well fare based on gender.

In the article the women write: "We have become so accustomed to playing on whatever surface is put in front of us. But we need to realize that our protection - our safety - is priority No. 1. At the end of the day, we expect to be treated equally as our male counterparts."

Earlier on twitter former U.S. Women's national team member and current commentator Julie Foudy reported that according to her sources representatives inspect venues months in advance for men's games. Aloha Stadium and an official from the USWNT confirmed, no one saw the field at the stadium until Thursday,

Foudy later added to that expressing her shock that reportedly no protocol was put in place to pre screen venues for the US Women's National team