Kewalo Basin will get makeover that retains its current 'feel'

Kewalo Basin will get makeover that retains its current 'feel'
Kewalo Basin
Kewalo Basin

KEWALO BASIN, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Hawaii Community Development Authority made clear its point in choosing who will redevelop the land surrounding much of Kewalo Basin Harbor: It wants the area improved, but to retain the current feel.

Howard Hughes Corporation was selected to redevelop two areas up for bid.

One area is anchored by the old charter house fronting Ala Moana Boulevard. It will be re-opened, with a convenience store and bathroom for customers of the charter boat businesses.

"The boaters requested that, because right now the patrons for their businesses have nowhere to go," said Ron Iwami, of Friends of Kewalos.

The other area HHC will redevelop is the abandoned warehouse by the waterfront.

"If you go back there, you'll see there's an area that's fenced off. Nothing you can do with it right now, so we'll be looking to improve that area, turn it into parking," said Todd Apo, of Howard Hughes Corporation.

HCDA rejected all proposals for "Lot 1."

That's the green space between the harbor and Ala Moana Beach Park. HHC planned to leave it open and add barbecue pits and picnic benches.

Kewalo Waterfront Partners, which also bid on the area, wanted to put in four buildings there, with retail and restaurants.

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