Slow internet? It could be your Christmas lights

Experts: Christmas light could weaken Wi-Fi signal
Keith Yoshida
Keith Yoshida

It's only the first day of December, but Anapau Street in Waikele is twinkling.

"It's just a fun time of the year. And for us it's all about lights," said resident Keith Yoshida.

For the past five years Yoshida has coordinated a synchronized light for show for charity. It attracts visitors from all over the state.

On his house alone there are more than 40,000 lights.

"Because we have so many lights we actually put in dedicated circuits just for the lights so we don't have anything else competing with power supply," said Yoshida.

But could display's like Yoshida's -- and smaller ones, too -- be gumming up your wifi signal?

That's the conclusion of a recent study from communication watchdog group Ofcom, which says holiday lights might affect more than your electrical box.

The report says 20 percent of poor wi-fi performance is caused by electronic gadgets, including holiday lights.

Most people we talked to, including Yoshida, said since the show began last Friday their Internet has been running great.

But one neighbor said his family can definitely tell a difference now that the lights are up.

"Lately the internet has just been slow," said resident Ricky Nishizawa.

Don't worry, though: the problem can usually be fixed without nixing any holiday cheer.

Experts have several recommendations, including restarting your router and moving it away from any electrical devices. If that doesn't work try placing the router on a table in the center of home.

And there's no need to be a grinch about it: Christmas lights are far from the only thing that can affect your Wi-Fi connection. Refrigerators, washing machines, driers and dishwashers are also bad for your internet signal.

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