Good Samaritan helps Nanakuli man retrieve thousands of dollars worth of stolen merchandise

Nanakuli theft

NANAKULI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Numerous items stolen from a school are being returned, and it's all thanks to a Good Samaritan and a businessman trying to help his community.

It's unclear when exactly the crime happened: Sometime between Wednesday night and early Monday morning. When teachers came to open their classrooms after the long holiday weekend, one found hers had been broken into.

Dennis Tadio, a 1990 Nanakuli High School graduate, got a phone call Monday morning, saying thieves broke into his alma mater and stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise used to benefit the student government.

"I was kind of mad," Tadio said. "I grew up here and I kind of know a lot of people in the community, so I've been driving around all day trying to fish around who did it, trying to get it back, just trying to get back the stuff for the school."

Tadio sells 808 Hi-D8 bottles to various public schools on island at wholesale price. He says it's a good cause that keeps kids hydrated and helps the school raise money. He says two-and-a-half cases or about 60 bottles were stolen from the student government room, along with some "Straight Outta Nanakuli" clothes and cameras worth about $3,000.

Tadio says the thieves kicked through this AC unit and climb through the hole. That's how they were able to steal the item without setting off the alarm.

"No be doing that in your guys home town or to any schools. We don't do that to kids. Or to anybody honestly," Tadio said.

That was at about 6 p.m. About an hour later, Tadio called Hawaii News Now back, saying he recovered some of the items and found the culprits.

"As I was driving down the avenue, I had a phone call from a stranger from Facebook letting me know if I'm looking for those bottles that I posted on Facebook, he bought two from kids selling it on the side of the road in Nanakuli."

That led him to two different houses where he recovered just a portion of what's missing. Tadio says he knows the kids families and they are students at the HS.

He says one of the boys confessed to everything and he is in the process of getting all of the items back.

Tadio says he could still use some help, so anyone with more information should call HPD.

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