Homeless enforcement delays continue at 2 Kakaako parks

Homeless enforcement delays continue at 2 Kakaako parks

KAKAAKO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Homeless camps at Kakaako Waterfront Park and Kewalo Basin are expanding, and work to move the encampments out has hit new problems.

Eric Kusuda surfs at Kewalo Basin every day after work and said he's seeing "a whole lot of new faces."

"There were a few before. It was manageable. We kind of knew everybody," he said.

Since Nov. 12, there have been notices posted at the park warning anyone caught on the property after the hours that they could be ticketed.

So far, the state hasn't enforced its warning.

Andre Betito, general manager at 1-800-GOT-JUNK, says his company has submitted a bid for the work, but hasn't yet heard back.

"We would love to start the contract," he said. "We were told it was an emergency contract where they needed the bids sent out right away."

Betito also said terms of the deal recently changed.

"The first bid asked us to record and document every item taken from beginning to end of the project, over the six month project. Now the new scope does not ask us to record or film. They'll have a third party who will film while we do it," he said.

When Hawaii News Now asked the state about the hold-up, officials from the Hawaii Community Development Authority sent this statement:

"We are in talks with some potential vendors, including 1-800 Got Junk, about the project. We are still working out policy and procedures with the governor's leadership team, but hope to move forward soon."

Meantime, outreach workers continue to go to the parks several times a week trying to convince homeless people to move into shelters.

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