Beach 'Bows help Make-A-Wish come true

Beach 'Bows help Make-A-Wish come true

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - For Grace Kelso playing beach volleyball at the University of Hawaii was always something she only dreamed about, however yesterday, with the help of the beach bows, that dream was made a reality

Kelso suffers from Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but with the help of the Make A Wish foundation, she and her family were able to come here to Hawaii to see her dream realized. According to the Idaho teenager so far the trip has been even more than she could have hoped for.

"It's been probably better than anything we've ever done or ever will do just because of like the generosity of the people and like Make-A-Wish so it's been really cool it's um a really big opportunity to like hang out with the team and stuff they're so nice and really inclusive," says Kelso.

As part of her make a wish Kelso got to take part in a practice with the Rainbow Wahine, and even got some tips from the beach bows. But, according to Rainbow Wahine Beach Volleyball Head Coach, Jeff Hall, Kelso is teaching the team as much as she is learning from them.

"She did a great job," says Hall. "She's a good sport I can imagine it can be a little intimidating but she did awesome; and for our kids it's even more magical.. it gives life perspective. They stress out over finals, or a hard practice, or those kinds of things. This kind of puts life back in perspective, you know, how precious it is... Obviously it's something that we want to continue to do with her and maintain the relationship and kind of use her as inspiration."