Movie Review: ROOM

Movie Review: ROOM

        If you want to see an Oscar worthy performance by an actress in a new film, I strongly recommend ROOM, starring Brie Larson.
        ROOM is the riveting story of a young mother and her five year old son who are prisoners in a ten foot by ten foot garden shed, trapped there for the boy's entire life by the sexual predator who is his biological father.
        That situation sounds grim and horrible, but the movie is really about the mother's fierce love for her son and how she manages to raise a healthy little boy in spite of their captivity.

Jack: Ma, I'm five.
Ma: You're five?
Jack: I'm so old now.
Ma: You are so old now. You know what we're gonna do today?
Jack: What?
Ma: We are going to bake a birthday cake.

Brie Larson is Ma, abducted 7 years ago. For her son, Jack (played by Jacob Tremblay) the interior of this 10 by 10 shed is the entire universe.

Jack: Good morning Lamp. Good morning Plant. Good morning Sink.

But now that Jack is five years old, Ma knows his elaborate fantasy life can't go on much longer. And she decides to tell him the truth.

Ma: When I was 17, I was walking home…
Jack: Where was I?
Ma: You were still up in heaven. But there was a guy. He pretended his dog was sick….
Jack: What's the dog's name?
Ma: Jack, there wasn't a dog. (she's starting to cry) He was trying to trick me, OK? There wasn't a dog. Old Nick stole me.
Jack: I want a different story.
Ma: No, this is the story that you get. He put me in his garden shed, here. "Room" is the shed.

I won't tell you how their captivity ends only that the second half of the movie shows how rough it is for Ma to be in the world even with the support of her own loving mother played by Joan Allen.

Ma: I just want him to connect with something.
Her mother: Joy, Joy, he's really doing fine.
Ma: I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm supposed to be happy.

ROOM is a moving and uplifting drama, a celebration, really, of a mother's deep love for her son. And it's got some of the best acting I've seen all year.

Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.