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Interview: Surfers Healing Waikiki Event Helps Keiki With Autism

We asked Surfers Healing Waikiki Board Member Zane Aikau how he got into Surfers Healing?  Aikau said, "I was on the Professional Surf Circuit with Izzy Paskowitz when he started Surfers Healing. He asked me to help and that is how it all began.  We did this one time in 2008 at Waikiki and had a few participants come out but after traveling with Surfers healing all over, I felt we needed to bring it back to Hawaii and make it an annual event."
Then Dennis Maher, Board Member of Surfers Healing Waikiki and Parent of a child with Autism said, "I have a son Spencer who has Autism and I am also on the board of the Autism Society of Hawaii (ASH), Zane reached out to ASH to gain support and get the word out to the Autism community that they would be doing Surfers Healing in Waikiki, I helped out with the planning of the first event and was hooked. I had so much fun and being able to see the kids have so much fun was great.
Surfers Healing been holding events in Hawaii for 4 Years in both Waikiki and the Island of Hawaii on alternate sides of the island each year, Hilo and Kona. This year is in Hilo.
New this year is that they are opening up the event to not only to those with Autism; they want to open it up to anyone with intellectual disabilities so more people can enjoy the experience.
Waikiki is at Kuhio Beach right by the Duke Kahanmoku Statue 
November 28th from 9am to 3pm 
December 5th at Richardson Beach Park in Hilo from 9am to 3pm. to register.
Maher says it's a great opportunity for the families to get together at the beach.  There will be canoe rides for the families and participants, and we also have live entertainment from many local performers, like Jake Shimabukuro, Jon Yamasato, Taz Vegas, and Much more with MC Al Waterson.

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