Police presence high day after big brawl

4 arrested after big brawl in Kapolei
"Oahu Boi" posted this photo on Instagram on Thursday, showing lines of police cars responding to the brawl.
"Oahu Boi" posted this photo on Instagram on Thursday, showing lines of police cars responding to the brawl.
Lyndia Wagner
Lyndia Wagner

KAPOLEI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Police were out in force Friday to prevent another day of fighting between students from Kapolei and Waianae high schools.

Dozens of students were involved in a brawl Thursday near the Villages of Kapolei Recreation Center, a few blocks from Kapolei High. More than 30 police officers responded, and four people -- two adults and two minors -- were arrested.

In Kapolei on Friday, police officers parked outside Kapolei High and patrolled the neighborhood. And at Waianae High, faculty were more visible in the hallways.

Video of the brawl Thursday shows hundreds of students roaming through the neighborhoods near Kapolei High School. Some who were there found out about the confrontation from social media, and came from several areas, including Waianae, Kalihi and even Hawaii Kai.

"I was on Twitter, right? And I live in Hawaii Kai," said Peter Afoa. "So whatever I see on Twitter and I think it's interesting, I'm gonna go check it out, you know?"

Over 20 minutes of video taken during Thursday's fighting was posted on YouTube within a few hours. It shows dozens of police officers arriving to take control of the situation. HPD said about 30 police officers responded. And after police eventually broke up the main brawl, sources say a number of other smaller fights broke out at Kapolei High School and other locations.

Some witnesses said officers used pepper spray to break up the gathering.

One parent who lives in Waianae said she posted her concerns about the fight after her son witnessed the brawling.

"Kapolei students have come up here, Waianae students have gone down there, and a couple of people mentioned that it's been going on for at least this week, if not longer," said Lyndia Wagner.

Other videos of another fight that happened a few days are also online. It shows some punches being thrown, and several students recording the fighting with their smart phones. Many of those who witnessed Thursday afternoon's melee were eager to show their video clips.

"It seems that nowadays with social media, everybody wants their notoriety. They want their 15 minutes of fame," said Wagner.

Some said they were there to watch the fighting.

"I don't really care about the video," said Afoa. "I'm just here because, my cousin, I'm just making sure he's okay."

Others admitted that they showed up ready to fight.

"To be honest, I was here to defend my home town," said Tony Tukunga of Waianae. "That's just the truth."

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