Tight-knit spearfishing community may make it hard to fence stolen spearguns

Tight-knit spearfishing community may make it hard to fence stolen spearguns
Kalani Bullard
Kalani Bullard

WAHIAWA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The thieves who hit Deep Blue Spearfishing Center in Wahiawa on Saturday, getting away with high-end spearguns, may have a tough time selling the stolen goods.

Surveillance video showed two people breaking into the store by throwing a rock through its glass door. They can then be seen taking five of the most expensive spear guns.

Store owner Kalani Bullard said the two burglars are actually a couple.

"We know it's a couple. We know it's a male and a female," said Bullard. "Detectives were in here earlier yesterday and they said that this same couple is in a couple other surveillance video, that they've been elsewhere."

The Deep Blue burglary has galvanized the tight spearfishing community on Oahu. A lot of them already know about the break-in and those involved in the sport have intimate knowledge of the gear.

For example, the spearguns taken were top-of-the-line and custom-manufactured by Aimrite, a company on the Big Island. The stolen guns were worth a total of $5,000. Anyone trying to sell the guns to a spearfisher would raise suspicions, spearfishing enthusiasts said.

"You're gonna know which diver will sell the guns, and you're going to know if they're divers or not because those guns are not just for any type of diver," said spearfisher Keanu Punley, who is part of a junior team but has six years' experience.

"I don't think there's anybody because we're all connected. I mean, we're a big group that dives," said Jayden Bullard, another junior team spearfisher who's been involved in the sport since he was nine years old. "Everybody knows each other, so it's gonna be hard to sell those guns."

Deep Blue's owner still wants the guns back, no questions asked. But he's confident that the burglars will be caught and the spearguns recovered.

"I don't know what these guys are gonna do with the guns," said Bullard. "No one's gonna buy them."

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