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Native Hawaiian Election

Certified voters in a historic Native Hawaiian election that could lead to a proposed reorganized government will begin receiving ballots during the first week of November.

The ballots to choose 40 delegates to next year’s ‘Aha, or constitutional convention, will be sent to certified voters by email or traditional mail. Completed ballots may be submitted until Nov. 30, but Na‘i Aupuni, the independent Hawaiian community organization overseeing the election, reminds voters using traditional mail to make sure that their ballots arrive at the Election-America counting center before the end of the month.

The election results will be announced publicly on Dec. 1. Delegates elected will attend the ‘Aha between February and April 2016. If delegates recommend a form of government or governing document, a ratification vote by certified voters may be held two months after the ‘Aha concludes.

Na‘i Aupuni is an independent organization made up of a volunteer board of directors from the Hawaiian community. It exists solely to help establish a path for Hawaiian self-determination and is guiding an election, convention and ratification process where all Hawaiians who wish to participate can be heard. Na‘i Aupuni was formed in December 2014 and is separate and independent from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and the State of Hawaii. For further information about Na‘i Aupuni and the upcoming elections, please visit

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