Howard Business 11.16.15 - Marriott to purchase Starwood

Marriott to purchase Starwood

If you work for a Starwood-managed hotel, like the Royal Hawaiian or the Moana Surfrider, your job is safe. But your supervisor could be answering to a different headquarters.

Marriott will keep Starwood managers but there's no question which headquarters will be in charge.  Marriott, is based in suburban Washington D.C., while Starwood is based in White Plains, New York. Marriott has 4,000 properties and 200,000 employees. Starwood has 12 hundred properties and 181,000 employees.

Put the together and it's the biggest hotel conglomerate in the world. Starwood manages four hotels in Waikiki - the Sheraton Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian, the Moana Surfrider and the Princess Kaiulani - which together account for more than 3,000 hotel rooms.

The main thing that distinguishes Starwood from other U.S. hoteliers is its international footprint. Only 26% of its properties are in the U.S. Starwood has more hotels in China that either Marriott or Hilton.