Thousands of dollars stolen from Aiea massage studio

Thousands of dollars stolen from Aiea massage studio

An Aiea small business owner is devastated by a brazen theft that happened at her massage studio on Tuesday.

The crook stole thousands of dollars from her while she was working with a client.

Thanyaporn Hill said the theft happened around 10:00 a.m.  She said besides herself, only two people came into her studio before police, her client, and a suspicious visitor inquiry about services.

The time on the surveillance showed 10:13 am. That's when the door opened and beeped and Hill knew she has a visitor.

Another camera angle showed her coming out to greet him.

They chatted for a bit and she thought he left because he opened the door and it beeped again. But he didn't walk out.

Instead, he peeked around the corner, looked inside the first room, tiptoed past the room that Hill was in with her client, and walked down the hallway.

He walked into a backroom where he stepped out of camera view. Hill said it's an employees' only room and her purse with $3,000 worth of cash was in there. She said the man was in the room for a total of two minutes.

"And I look. No more money. And then I look in my whole bag. My whole wallet is gone, it's just gone," Hill said.

Hill said she was planning on using that money for rent and other bills. Now, she has to work even longer nights and earlier mornings to make ends meet.

"It's a lot of money for me. And when I get off work, I go home, I count my money….this is my work for today. Five hour, three hour, eight hour, so hard you know. It's hard work, body sore," she said.

"People out there like that, they have no sense of what's theirs and what's somebody else's. I don't think that's really cool for somebody to do that. I think if the community can watch out for each other maybe we can stop it from happening again," said her husband, Brian J. Hill.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call the Honolulu Police.

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