Gusty winds spur event cancellation, ruin weekend plans

Gusty winds spur event cancellation, ruin weekend plans
Event now postponed until early January 2016
Event now postponed until early January 2016

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Windy weather forced residents to re-think their weekend plans.

Organizers of the 11th Annual North Shore Beach Clean-up were expecting about 500 volunteers, but called the event off because of the high winds. Last year, volunteers collected almost three tons of trash. They were expecting similar numbers this year.

"Things are flying around and we just didn't want anyone to get hurt. Plus we're having bouncers. The bouncing houses are only pegged into the ground and we didn't want any kind of gust of wind pushing them where they shouldn't be with our kids in them," said event coordinator Mahina Chillingworth.

Chillingworth said the beach clean-up is postponed until early January.

Along south shore beaches, some stood up to the strong gusts holding on firmly to their belongings.

Ala Moana Beach Park is normally packed on the weekends. But a wind advisory kept many people away. Some are braving the windy weather conditions, however, like the Chong family, who used full coolers and trees to tie their tents down.

"The wind has been pretty crazy at first. But once we got it tied down, it's been holding up pretty good," Matt Chong said.

"We got a cooler full of drinks that we tied it down with and then we stuck it to a tree," said Chong.

A wind advisory means that sustained winds of at least 30 mph or gusts of at least 50 miles per hour are expected.

While the Chong's are getting creative, others haven't been so lucky.

"We've definitely lost some of our food to the wind. But that's alright because the birds got to eat some snacks," said Stephanie Tolentino.

"One of our neighbors on the other side of the beach, their tent kinda blew almost into someone's car," she said.

The Honolulu Department of Emergency Management wants motorists to be extra careful and hikers to postpone plans until early tomorrow morning when the wind advisory ends.

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