Hawaii residents in Paris shaken, but OK

Hawaii residents in Paris shaken, but OK

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The tragedy in Paris is causing concern for several people with Hawaii ties. Seven University of Hawaii at Manoa students are studying in France this semester, according to the university. Officials said the students are north of Paris and all of them are safe.

Former Kailua-Kona resident Andrew Herwitt is still in shock about what happened during his business trip to Paris. He heard sirens going off, but didn't know about the tragedy until his phones started ringing.

"People were calling and asking if I'm OK and everything. They were talking about the attacks in Paris. I hadn't heard any of that so I was concerned where it was going on and one of my friends said Stade de France, so I was glad that I had not gone to that tonight," said Herwitt during a phone call from Paris.

Patrick Bratton is the chair of the History and International Studies Program at Hawaii Pacific University. He used to live in Paris and still visits family in France each year.

"It's a country that I feel personally attached to so again, also anger, about the attacks. This is something horrible that has happened," said Bratton. "Unfortunately, it's not the world that most of us would like to live in, but this is something that will happen in the future."

FBI Special Agent Tom Simon issued this statement:

"The Honolulu FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force is monitoring intelligence and canvassing sources in light of the recent Paris attacks. We have received no credible information of any specific terrorist threat targeting Hawaii or our territories in the Pacific."

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