Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa superdelegates support Clinton

Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa superdelegates support Clinton

Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) - Hillary Rodham Clinton has secured the support of many Democratic Party leaders in Hawaii and U.S. Pacific island territories as she pursues her party's nomination for president.

A survey by The Associated Press showed Clinton has the support of half of the superdelegates to next year's Democratic National Convention from Hawaii, Guam and American Samoa. Other superdelegates said they were not ready to declare their support for any candidate and some did not respond.

Nationally, most superdelegates reached by the AP who gave a preference said they plan to support Clinton at next year's national convention.

Superdelegates may support the candidate of their choice at the convention, regardless of what happens in the primaries and caucuses. They're members of Congress, party leaders and members of the Democratic National Committee.

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