Woman alleges 'Peter Boy' Kema's father sexually assaulted her

Woman alleges 'Peter Boy' Kema's father sexually assaulted her

HILO, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii County Police are investigating yet another case involving Peter and Jaylin Kema, the parents of missing 6-year old "Peter Boy."

Sources say a relative has come forward accusing Peter Kema Sr. of raping her more than a decade ago, when she was just 11 years old.

The relative says she would sleep over at the Kema's home and that one night, he sexually assaulted her. The victim told police that Jaylin Kema was there, but allegedly she did nothing to stop the attack.

The victim told Hawaii News Now she didn't came forward earlier because she was afraid and because she thought no one would believe her.

She went to police last week, after hearing the couple had been arrested for welfare fraud, and drug and firearms offenses. Jaylin was charged with welfare fraud, but Peter was released. He bailed out his wife Friday night.

The arrests came 18 years after 6-year-old Peter Boy disappeared on Hawaii Island, setting off intense police investigations and a media firestorm. He still has not been found, and his parents' arrests are not related to the case.

Peter Kema returned to work Monday at the boat shop he has worked at for more than seven years. He would not comment, but his boss described Kema as a hard worker and good employee. He said the two never discuss the Peter Boy case.

Jaylin Kema was not at home Monday afternoon.

Lina Acol, the couple's daughter, also went to the home to try to talk to her mother for the first time in years. She wants her mother to tell police everything she knows about Peter Boy's disappearance.

Acol said she's angry to hear about the new rape accusation. She added that she hopes police make progress on all these pending, criminal cases so she might someday know what happened to her younger brother.

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