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Shop owner warns of shoplifters working in teams

Jacqueline Okamura Jacqueline Okamura
KAPAHULU, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Glam Rok is the name of a consignment shop on Kapahulu Avenue. Like many stores, it has surveillance cameras throughout the shop. And those cameras caught what the shop owner believes is a coordinated shoplifting spree.

"Usually people come in, they take one thing and then they leave," said Glam Rok owner Jacqueline Okamura. "I've never experienced a a group of girls coming in and stealing so many things right under me."

But that's exactly what store owner Okamura said happened to her last Thursday. She said there were four girls who came to the store in two pairs.

Okamura believes the first pair cased her store and then left because there were too few customers. A little later, a second pair comes in with paper grocery bags. The surveillance video shows one of the girls taking a woman's shirt and then putting the empty hanger back on a rack.

"They grabbed the top that they liked and then they came over here where it wasn't visible (from the cash register), and then they put the hanger on (the rack) and then put the thing in their bags," said Okamura as she demonstrated what was caught on camera.

The video also shows the girls taking shoes, trying them on first and then dropping them into the bags. 

Okamura believes the girls waited until there were several other customers in the store. 

"I saw these girls with the paper bags and I had a feeling, like I knew that they took something, but I didn't know if I could confront them or if I could look in their bags," said Okamura.

The alleged shoplifters took two pairs of shoes and several tops and dresses. Okamura discovered the theft when she found the empty hangers on the rack, but by that time the girls were gone. 

Okamura reported the crime to Honolulu Police, who have opened a third-degree theft investigation. A conviction carries a maximum penalty of a year in jail and a $2,000 fine. 

Okamura wants other shop owners to be on the lookout. And she's also made one new change in her shop.

"Just check large bags in the front."

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