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Movie Review: TRUTH

     Robert Redford plays Dan Rather in TRUTH, but the real star is Cate Blanchett who plays Mary Mapes, the woman who produced Rather's story about how the family of George W. Bush got him into the Texas Air National Guard as a way to avoid the draft during the Viet Nam War.  
     Her terrific performance alone makes this movie worth seeing.

Researcher: The President of the United States may have gone AWOL from the military.
Researcher 2: He never even showed up.
Informant: Those parts of his file they didn't like, they tossed in a waste basket.
Mapes: Do you have these documents? (Informant pulls them out of a briefcase.)
Rather on set: Tonight, we have new information on the President's military service.
       TRUTH tells the story behind the "60 Minutes" story about George Bush's time in the National Guard and the infamous documents whose authenticity was never completely verified.

        It's also a glimpse into how news stories are created at the network level where a research team led by a producer, in this case   Cate Blanchett as Mary Mapes, does nearly all of the work.

        But more than anything else, it shows how CBS management bowed to political pressure and fired five capable news professionals.  

CBS president: We need to inoculate ourselves.
Mapes: Thou shalt always protect the company.

       That the Bush family used their influence to get George W into the National Guard so that he could avoid the possibility of being sent to Viet Nam is not disputed.
        But documents containing the details of those arrangements could have been forged, and CBS starts a formal investigation...led by Republicans!

Dan Rather:  I'm gonna announce it tomorrow. And I'm going to apologize for the story on air.
Mary Mapes: Andrew asked you to apologize?
Rather: He didn't ask.
Mapes: Dan, that's surrender.

     It doesn't take long for CBS to lower the boom.

Mapes: How you doin' Dan?
Rather: I'm stepping' down as anchor.
Mapes: When?
Rather: After inauguration.
Mapes: Oh, Dan.
Rather: You didn't cause this, Mary.
Mapes:Well, you're a liar, you know that?

Mapes to investigators: Our story was about whether the President fulfilled his service. Nobody wants to talk about that. They wanna talk about fonts. And they hope to God the truth gets lost in the scrum.

      Some critics say this movie is biased, but I think it's a fascinating expose of how power politics is played.
      Terry Hunter, Hawaii News Now.



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