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Big Island residents taking extra precaution to prevent further outbreak of dengue infection

Linnea Feldman Linnea Feldman
KONA, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) -

As of Friday, the state Department of Health has confirmed 23 cases of dengue fever on the Big Island, most of them in the south Kona area. 

Experts and residents continue to fight against the infected mosquitoes, the insect that carries the virus.

Farmer Tain Datta has been aggressively trimming back vegetation and has been pouring chlorine in his water catchment tank to discourage mosquito breeding. 

The state confirmed three residents have been sickened with dengue on adjacent farms along Telephone Exchange Road in Honaunau. 

Neighbor Linnea Feldman is currently waiting for test results to see if she also has been infected with the virus. 

"I've had the headache, I've had pain behind the eyes, I've had fever, no rash," Feldman explained. "You have to take precaution to make sure you're doing the socially responsible thing, reporting what's going on."

Feldman says she is taking precautions very seriously. She has set up a tent inside her home where she now sleeps, because some of her screens have holes where mosquitoes could get inside. 

County vector control crews are also attacking the area, spraying pesticides at several properties. 

So far, the disease has not spread to the other Hawaiian islands. However, the lone suspected case on Oahu in Kalama Valley has not yet been confirmed. 

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