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Local Connection: Who will replace Norm Chow?

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The firing of Norm Chow as UH football coach is setting off something Hawaii loves: months of speculation and gossip over who will take his place.

Whoever it is, he will have to have several key qualities.

He will have to be a strong leader - capable of seeing into the future and convince others of his vision.

A strong recruiter capable of keeping Hawaii's best players in Hawaii, despite their doubts about the facilities and the educational opportunities at their local university.

He must be patient, to accept what will not change, and a fighter, to change what he can.

He must be a master communicator who knows when to speak out and when to keep quiet. 

He must be a politician able to navigate shark-filled waters - at the legislature, at the university, and at the NCAA.

He must be a role model - capable of inspiring through his own example.

His teams must win, most of the time.  Without that no one will care about any of his other positive qualities.

And finally - he must be willing to take the job for less money than his peers at other schools. Because in Hawaii, that's the deal.

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