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Police say 4th case of Halloween candy tampering reported

EWA BEACH, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Honolulu police say there's been a fourth report of tampering with Halloween candy following three cases involving a needle.

The new report came in from Waianae on Monday night, police said, and involved a sharp object. Police would not specify what the item was, but did say it was not glass.

Police had previously received three reports of dangerous Halloween treats:

  • A Waimanalo woman told investigators her child was injured after biting into a candy bar with a needle in it. She said they collected treats in the Waianae area. Police classified the case as third-degree assault.
  • A Honolulu family that went trick-or-treating in Kapolei also reported finding a needle inside a treat.
  • And an Ewa Beach mother said her daughter discovered a sewing needle inside a sealed chocolate bar

Police have opened second-degree assault cases following the reports.

Christine Fonoti Liu said her 13-year-old daughter ripped open the wrapper of a Nestle Crunch fun size bar on Sunday night. The chocolate cracked and the teenager said she noticed the needle stuck inside. Police took the candy bar as evidence.

"We checked the candy, but we just looked for tampering, something that would be obvious, but this one, the wrapper wasn't tampered with so I think they just kind of slid the needle into the candy," said Liu.

"That's really what makes it scary because especially with like a needle, you can poke that through paper pretty easily without it being seen," said Karen Tessier of the Keiki Injury Prevention Coalition.

Liu said she threw away the rest of the candy that her daughter collected in Ocean Pointe in Ewa Beach and Kapolei Homestead near the fire station.

"It made me wonder if it was from the mainland, a manufacturer, and then it just gets distributed to wherever it goes. So I don't want to pinpoint those areas, but that's where we were so if you were there, just be extra careful," Liu said.

Authorities said these types of cases are extremely rare.

"I hadn't actually heard of any cases here in Hawaii so hopefully it's very isolated. This is the first one that I've heard of," said Tessier.

Police are reminding parents to inspect all Halloween treats and to call 911 if they find something suspicious.

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