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Business Report: Our November visitors

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The largest single source of flights remains LAX, with more than 2,800 this month. But Los Angeles capacity is actually down by about 160 flights. The second biggest, with more than 2,200 flights, is the San Francisco Bay area, including SFO, Oakland and San Jose, and there are 351 more flights from here than last year, more than half of them going to Maui.

The third biggest source, the way I'm parsing it, is Japan, whose airports collectively are sending us almost 1,700 flights this month, 13 more flights than last year but fewer actual seats due to smaller jets. The decline is not from Narita or Haneda but other places, especially Osaka. A close fourth is the combined capacity of SeaTac and Portland - 1,600 flights, up about 200 from last year, mostly to Maui.

All U.S. East airports combined account for about 800 flights, up 52, mostly because Delta flies from Minneapolis again. Canada sends us about 600 flights this year, up 26, of which 20 are going to Maui. Asia other than Japan comes to less than 600 even if you count Guam and Manila, and in fact an increase from  Manila offsets a decline from Taiwan.

Finally, more than 400 seats from Australia and New Zealand, with 26 more from Brisband and 13 more from either Melbourne or Sydney.

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