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Father of Baseball Was Advisor to Hawaiian Kingdom

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Alexander Joy Cartwright is a man with an amazing past.  After growing up in New York and being part of the Knickerbox Baseball Club that came up with the rules for the modern game of baseball; Cartwright decided to chase the Gold Rush of 1849 and was in the middle of traveling to another destination when he got sick, made a stop here in Hawaii and eventually made it his home.

Cartwright's family would eventually join him here in the islands and they would settle in to life in Hawaii.  With his knowledge of business, economics and organization, Cartwright would serve as the one of the first Chief Engineers of the newly organized Honolulu Fire Department, appointed by King Kamehameha III..  

He would be a financial advisor to Queen Emma and later with King Kalakaua until his death in 1892; a year before the overthrow of the Hawaiian Monarchy.  He would build his first baseball diamond at Makiki Park; which would later be named Cartwright Field and Cartwright Park.  He was became involved with Freemasonry (and would later become the Freemason Acting Grand Master); he was part of the laying of the Quenn's hospital cornerstone in 1860.  Cartwright was the Consul to Peru; he founded the Honolulu Library and Reading Room.  Very accomplished man of his time in our Honolulu or Hawaii as a whole.

He would pass away in 1892.

Abner Doubleday was said to be the "Father of Baseball" until the 83rd Congress of the United States of America declared that Alexander Cartwright to be the origins of "Modern Day" baseball in 1953.

He is buried at O'ahu Cemetery in Nu'uanu Avenue on the Island of O'ahu.

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