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Local Connection: Gib Arnold's payout

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The $700,000 settlement the University of Hawaii is paying fired coach Gib Arnold is another frustrating example of taxpayer money wasted because of incompetence.

UH got played like a sucker in a poker game.

The golden parachute in Gib's contract was his ace in the hole which no-one at UH seemed to know about until it was too late. No surprise Gib and his lawyer let UH walk into the trap. UH fired him without cause and triggered a $1.4 million dollar severance. 

But UH should have known, it was right there in black and white. They wouldn't have had to pay him anything if they had a reasonable cause, like say embroiling the team in an NCAA scandal.  

In the defense of the administrators - even though they bare prime responsibility -- they relied on their lawyers. Taxpayers pay a lot so that UH can have its own in-house legal team and the freedom to hire outside lawyers if they need more expertise.

In this case, the in house lawyer who drafted that contract and who should have helped with Gib's termination, is the next person who should be fired. 

This person did not just make a mistake writing the contract, but compounded it by not stepping up to prevent the fiasco.

In this case, firing is not just revenge, it is insurance that this won't happen again. A warning to all involved that they have a duty to protect the university AND taxpayers.

And by the way, before firing the person, have a real lawyer read the contract.

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