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Proposed rule could hurt Hawaii high school football players

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The NCAA is considering a rule that would prohibit college football coaches from participating in non-institutional football camps, like Hawaii’s popular Maximum Exposure Camp.

"This would hurt Hawaii more than any other state, and it would hurt our young people tremendously," said Rich Miano, of the Gridiron Performance Academy, which conducts the camp each summer.

"We have players from Guam, American Samoa, Western Samoa. We hope to get guys from Tonga, even Australia and New Zealand," Miano said.

All of those players attend the camp so coaches from a wide variety of programs can assess their abilities.

Not only are some of the top programs in the country represented, but smaller, lower division ones are as well.

If the ban passes, the coaches would no longer be able to attend. That means fewer recruiting eyes on the talent in Hawaii.

"We just can't get in a car and go to Portland State, Oregon State, Oregon camps and spend a couple hundred dollars on lodging" Miano said.

He added athletes and their families would have to absorb those costs.

Institutions like the University of Hawaii would still be able to hold camps with their coaches, but those largely benefit the institution, not the individual.

"They might have 1,000 kids in their camp; 992 players are basically paying a lot of money to be at the … camp and aren't really being evaluated," Miano said.

He said local stakeholders will fight the rule. "If this legislation does pass, we'll have to fight for some type of exception or exemption," he said.

According to the NCAA website, the Division I Football Committee is set to meet Nov. 21 and 22.

A petition calling for Hawaii to be exempted from the rule has been started, and already has more than 2,300 supporters.

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