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Howard Illustrated Economics - The Rich get Richer

This morning - the rich get richer - in Asia. The Knight Frank Wealth Report counts people around the world worth more than $100 million.

These aren't millionaires, they are centi-millionaires, and there may be 40,000 such people worldwide.

There are 14,000 in the Americas, 11,000 in Europe, and 9,000 in Asia, not counting Australia.

But the interesting thing is, extrapolating current trends, Asia will get 5,000 more centimillionaires in the next decade or so, by far the biggest growth rate.

North America will see 3,000 more in the same time frame if these guys are right.

The report also counts billionaires, and projects that by 2024 there will be 800 billionaires in Asia, compared to 700 in North America and 500 in Europe.

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