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Family members confront manager of dilapidated Pearl City cemetery

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PEARL CITY, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Sunset Memorial Park in Pearl City has been plagued with problems for years.

Now, some who have family members buried there want to take matters into their own hands.

On Saturday, family members had a tense meeting with the cemetery's manager before the Pearl City Neighborhood Board. 

The manager, Lago Dozinn, was asked about longtime problems, such as gravesites overgrown with grass and weeds.

"My mom is still there. We don't want her there," said Petra Abad Esber. "We just came from the cemetery. I could barely find her. the weeds were up to my knees."

Esber also said she paid Dozinn $1,500 to remove her mother from the cemetery four years ago, but that it was never done.

"Where is the money?" she asked Dozinn. "You say that you have no workers to dis-intern. Well, if that was so, why did you accept my $1,500?"

Dozinn promised a refund. "You come down next week, I'll give you your 1500," he told Esber.

Others brought up problems with trash.

On Saturday evening, the trash cans at the cemetery were overflowing, angering a man who has a relative buried there.

"The man can't even dump the ... damn trash," David Silva angrily yelled.

Others, however, came to Dozinn's defense.

"On Saturday, there are a lot of people there cleaning up their loved ones' spots, so yes, the trash was building up," said Maureen Miguel Andrade, who visits the cemetery on a weekly basis.

Dozinn said there are also problems with others bringing their trash to the memorial park.

"The trash, it is a nightmare," he said. "When we close, people from outside bring their trash and dump it over there."

He promised that the trash would be picked up Monday.

Some of those at the meeting suggested forming an association, with a board of directors, to oversee the cemetery and fix the problems.

"I want to know what your plan is to have done in three months so that we can get together and help you help ourselves to make this doable and to see it a better place," said Kapiolani DeSilva.

Follow-up meetings are planned, with one possible as soon as next month.

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