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Local Connection: Hawaii's principals

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

In Hawaii's public school system, the principal is the person most responsible for the success of the school.  

They face incredible expectations. The job includes labor relations, financial accounting, facilities management, legal analysis, and community relations. 

The best principals sacrifice their personal lives to their school family. 

They are expected to be fair and wise as they make decisions every day that can change people's lives - for good or bad.

And now, there is something new. Anyone unhappy with a principal has the power, through the internet, to create a campaign to get that principal fired.

We reported last week on an anonymous internet movement against a principal. These usually seem to start with a small group or even a single person. 

But with an email campaign, you-tube videos, and internet petitions, they gain momentum. In a couple of cases people were literally picketing the school with pictures disseminated on internet sites and through email. That's why a handful of people can sometimes look like a revolution.

There have been uprisings against principals before, but it usually took a substantial part of the community to be up in arms to be taken seriously. Now can be as easy as a few clicks on the computer.

But you have to wonder if the Department of Education leadership is a little oversensitive to public campaigns. The recent campaigns have led to several principals being suspended or transferred as they were investigated. It looked like those suspensions may have emboldened others.

It's certainly possible some of these principals are not suited for the demanding jobs. 

But the decision to place or remove a person from the most intense and important position in a school, be made with care and deliberation, and not to placate an electronically fueled minority.

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