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Queen's Medical Center admits comatose boxer after two months in Thailand

Kalae McShane Kalae McShane
HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

In early August, boxer Kalae McShane was training in Thailand when an illness hit him.  He fell into a coma in a Thailand hospital.

"My son is my best friend," Shane McShane said.  "To see him laying in a bed basically dying, no response from him, being away from family, it was heart wrenching."

While Shane was at his son's bedside, Kalae's stepmother pleaded with hospitals in Honolulu to take in their son. Every one said there was no bed space.

"And it happened to us so many times where we just kept hitting roadblocks and roadblocks," Dee McShane said.

The McShanes have medical insurance. They raised money to pay for his medical flight to Honolulu. All they needed was a hospital to say yes. After their plight went public, the Queen's Medical Center called.

"It was very nice to actually have a doctor from Queen's that got on the phone with me and said, 'I'm going to be the attending to receive your son,'" Dee said.

Last Thursday Kalae was admitted to Queen's. 

"The bottom line is my son is here and I'm grateful because they stepped up to the plate and brought my son home," Shane said.

It's a long road ahead. Kalae's still in a coma. But there are positive signs. Now surrounded by family, he's opening his eyes.

"Having Kalae hearing everybody's voices and feeling people there, it's going to be what heals him," Dee said.

Kalae won all five of his pro bouts in Thailand. Before they left that country, the World Boxing Organization presented father and son with the championship belt Kalae was supposed to fight for next month.

"If he doesn't ever fight again that's okay with me," Shane said.  "It's not all about the fighting.  It's just having my son back."
The McShanes thank everyone who helped financially and who continue to pray for Kalae.  He has a lot of people in his corner, and he is finally home.

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