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HealthCare Hero - Kathy Krammer

Today's Healthcare Hero is Kathy Krammer, a speech pathologist at Queen's Medical Center.

Dave Schiffner  was diagnosed with head and neck cancer in June of last year.  He underwent 4 surgeries and 30 radiation treatments, and for awhile he lost the ability to swallow and eat.

Dave's lymph nodes were damaged from radiation.  He lost 40 pounds and his sense of taste and much of his saliva. Part of that therapy was slowly working on specific muscles.

So with therapy, a number of exercises and the use of a special pad placed around his throat and an uncomfortable headwrap which needed to be worn for 4 or more hours everyday Dave was able to regain his ability to eat.

But Dave says it's more than just Kathy's knowledge and experience it's her ability to motivate her patients. That helped him through. In fact, in 2007 she co-founded the Queen's Head & Neck Cancer Support Group.

Dave is not just a Warrior, he's a survivor. His new goal is to one day dance at his 2-year-old grand daughter's wedding. Dave is just one of MANY people who credit Kathy with helping them get through tough times.

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