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Maui cop arrested on charges of 2nd degree theft

There have been four arrests within the ranks of Maui Police Department in less than two-years.

Over the summer Rachel Garvin was charged with DUI.  In May John Solomon was accused of exposing himself and has since been indicted.  Early last year Nelson Johnson was fired after he was accused of child abuse against his daughter.  Most recently, Anthony Maldonado faces charges of second degree theft.  

Maldonado is a five-year veteran of the force.  In 2013 he was named Lanai employee of the year.  It's unclear exactly what he's accused of stealing but according to the charges it's worth at least several hundred dollars.

"I know the public is going to look at this and say well there is another bad officer in the police department," said Tommy Aiu.

Hawaii News Now Law Enforcement Expert Tommy Aiu says he believes over all the department is very well run.  

"Nationwide a police department like Maui which has over 300 officers is considered a major city police department.  So when there are a few shortfalls and people fall into a state where they commit minor crimes it should not be considered endemic or systemic to the police department as a whole," said Aiu.
Aiu says when cases like these arise they are usually indicative of a bigger issue.

"Some stress at home.  Something that's happening on the job. He's reaching out because something else is happening in his life," said Aiu.

The wife of accused sex assault suspect John Solomon says his life went into a downward spiral after being a first responder to a deadly plane crash on Lanai last year.

"He was the very first one at the plane crash, watching the survivors, looking at the survivors, looking at the very survivor that pulled the two men out. Hearing women scream in the plane, trying to get help, just knowing if I got here sooner, could I have helped," said Denise Solomon.

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