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Local Connections: Rail project behind schedule

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

It's become abundantly clear that Honolulu's rail project will be neither on time nor on budget. That should surprise no one.

It's a recurrence of other massive public transportation projects across the country, the combination of vigorous opposition and unexpected conditions, which has ruined the schedule and business plan.  

For those who opposed the project - you're entitled to an "I told you so."

For those who claimed the plan was realistic - an apology would be appreciated.

But once we're done focusing on the past, it's time to deal with the reality of the future.  

Right now it's hard to know exactly what's coming next.  But in a few months the bids will be in on most of the project…and we should be able to make much better predictions and decisions.

We actually should have more confidence now that the board overseeing the project is led by Don Horner, once of our state's most astute and honest businessmen, who is willing to tell the truth and demand it from others.

Meanwhile, the worst thing that could happen is now very likely. Next year's mayor's race will make the project fodder for mudslinging and misrepresentation.

It's probably too much to ask that the rail project, and the board that oversees it, be given a pass from political rhetoric and spin, so that the experts can focus on doing the best possible job on a project that will shape the future of our city.

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