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Teacher accused of touching student inappropriately; Parents want DOE investigation details released

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The parents of a fourth grade student at Waiau Elementary School say five months after filing a complaint with the state department of education alleging that a physical education teacher touched their daughter inappropriately, they're still waiting for details on what an investigation revealed.

School officials say it's not their policy to disclose that information.

The 10-year-old's father, Glenn Mayeda, says the investigation was launched last spring when another child referred to the teacher as a "butt-grabber" whose hugs she says were sometimes unusually long and would include patting on the backside.

To this day, Mayeda says he still doesn't know exactly what the teacher did.

"It was hard for us to determine what the intentions are and that's what we were intending with the investigation or bringing awareness to the school -- hopefully that they would shed some light on that," Mayeda said.

But instead, Mayeda says he has more questions than answers since filing a complaint with the DOE's Office of Civil Rights Compliance. He says the PE teacher was removed from campus during the investigation, but just before the start of the fall semester Mayeda says the principal told him the teacher would be returning to school.

"It's hard to for me to comment on what I believe should happen to the teacher without knowing the results of the investigation because there's so many variables, there's so many things that maybe I'm not even made aware of," said Mayeda.

Mayeda, who is a DOE teacher himself, said he pushed for details about what the investigation into the teacher's conduct revealed.

"That was when I was first told that they're not able to divulge or share any part of that investigation with us," Mayeda said.

DOE officials say privacy rights prevent them from releasing investigation findings. However, the department is now taking action to provide information to the Mayeda's that would not breach confidentiality.

"This is still about children. It's much more than just the policies to protect us from being sued or protect us from violating rights on this other person but - we still have students and the morality of protecting them," said Mayeda.

DOE officials confirm arrangements are being made to separate them -- but for now, Mayeda says his daughter is still in the teacher's class.

Hawaii News Now asked the DOE about their findings, and officials said they “investigated the complaint and found it was unsubstantiated”.

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