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The Honolulu Coffee Experience Center - NOW OPEN

The Honolulu Coffee Experience Center is the world's only multi-dimensional experience of Kona coffee from  farm  to cup. 

Located in the former Hard Rock Café building across the convention center.

From the entrance you walk in and are wowed by the active roasting going at the vintage roaster in the center of the space. Walking in a circle clockwise: you see a farm to cup video, then the Kona coffee story through the eyes of a local artist (mural and other installations), you see through the glass walls of The Cupping Room where coffee is evaluated and baristas are training, then piazza style cafe seating and baristas preparing coffee beverages, then the glass wall of the Exhibition Bakery with bakers in action, and finally the Gift Shop and you're back at the entrance. Hope that helps!

The Café at HCEC

Watch as our certified baristas handcraft signature and traditional coffee beverages. Choose from an irresistible menu of artisan pastries and desserts as well as breakfast and lunch selections. Relax on our piazza style café in the warm Hawaiian sunshine.

Our Farm to Your Cup

Our beloved Kona coffee farm is nestled along the beautiful slopes of the Mauna Loa volcano, on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We own and operate our own farm so that we can have complete control over every aspect of growing, picking, and processing our Kona coffee. We combine conventional and modern farming practices to provide you with the highest quality Kona coffee experience.

Cupping Room

Our Cupping Room is key to the high quality of our coffee.  Just as sommeliers use wine tasting, Honolulu Coffee’s certified coffee experts use the cupping process to taste and grade our coffee every day selecting only the best of the best beans. Look into the Cupping Room and watch as samples are equally dosed and evaluated dry as well as steeped. You may see our barista training program in action.


Smell Kona coffee roasting! At the heart of the Experience Center is our vintage 1944 Probat UG22 drum roaster. Watch our highly skilled roasting team carefully unlock and highlight the essence of each coffee bean. The roasting process releases the aromatic and organic compounds that contribute to the unique flavor of our coffees.


Quench your culinary curiosity as you peer through our 14-foot glass exhibition window into the world of artisan baking. Our pastries and desserts are hand crafted from scratch using only the freshest ingredients. Our wedding cakes are edible works of art crafted to be the centerpiece of this special occasion. See the passion of our chefs as they create your favorite Honolulu Coffee treats! 

Gift Shop

Bring a little Hawaii home and share your memories long after your visit is complete with authentic gifts from the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center gift shop. Sample our freshly roasted coffees as you browse through our authentic, locally made specialty gifts and apparel. Everything in our Gift Shop can also be found at  Enjoy a little Hawaii all year round!

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