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Maui teen vandals arrested after video posted online

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Three teens involved in a brazen act of vandalism on Maui were arrested with help from social media according to Maui police after they were caught on surveillance video and it was posted online.

The video was uploaded to YouTube last week Friday and has since been viewed more than 23,000 times.

In the video, which was taken from surveillance camera footage at the Haiku Recycling Center off Hana Highway, several teens can be seen walking around a car and removing items from inside as they struggle to open the trunk. They pick through the car for few minutes -- even crawling over it at one point -- before pulling out a can of spray paint and tagging it. A few then start throwing rocks at the windows and one kicks the side of the car before they all jump into a waiting white pick-up truck and speed away.

"The stars of YouTube. The pieces of sh*t of Maui. F'n haoles who give white people a bad name. I'm going to f'n trash all of you," FederalReserve Brown, the man who took the video, can be heard saying.

The incident happened in broad daylight last week Thursday, but Brown says what's even more disturbing are the events that led up to it. He says the woman who owns the car had left it parked at the recycle center because she had just gotten into an accident with a motorcyclist and was waiting for it to be towed.

"It scared her, you know? She thought it was -- and it turned out to be retaliation for an accident. She didn't mean to hit the guy on the motorcycle, but I guess it was friends of his who came back and beat up her car and smashed all the windows and all that," said Brown.

Brown says he uploaded the video to his YouTube page in hopes the public would help catch whoever was involved.

"We have a real epidemic on Maui of this sort of thing. These kids looked like this was their business as usual. If you park your car on the side of the road or you break down or something, these punks pull up and they do this. I was thinking other people would probably recognize these kids or if their cars had been hit and gotten the windows knocked out and spray painted, they would be able to find who has done this because it's quite irritating," Brown said.

According to Brown, one of the teens in the video confessed to his involvement online.

Maui police confirm a fifteen year old from Makawao, along with a sixteen year old and thirteen year old from Haiku, were arrested. They say their investigation is ongoing.

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