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Fence built to deter homeless camp causes parking shortage near HCC

Aina Alviar Aina Alviar
Paulo Uiagalelei Paulo Uiagalelei
Bryan Mafoa Bryan Mafoa

Drivers are going in circles trying to find a place to park.

"It's kind of time consuming," said Honolulu Community College student Aina Alviar.

Up until a couple weeks ago drivers could park along the bank of the Kapalama Canal on Kokea Street.  But now that a new fence is up well over 50 parking spaces are gone.

"For this parking right here it was a blessing for me this morning," said Paulo Uiagalelei.
Uiagalelei fights traffic every morning during his commute from Waianae to Kalihi to be here at 6:00a.m.  Now with a parking shortage in the mix the start to his day is even more stressful.

"It's a fight right now. There are like four different companies that are around here including the college students over here," said Uiagalelei.

Before the city hired contractors to build what will be a mile long fence along both sides of the Kapalama Canal dozens of homeless camped along the water's edge on Kohou Street.

Many of people we talked to say the fence is making a difference but wonder why it had to be built so close to the road.

"I think they could have put it back a little bit," said HCC instructor Bryan Mafoa.

Drivers say the hardest time to find a spot is early in the morning and then again around noon.  To make due folks are leaving home up to an hour early to ensure they get to school or work on time.

"It just creates more of a hassle," said Alviar.

"Whoever leaves early we have to move cars around and stuff like that for that person to get out," said Uiagalelei.

Hawaii News Now contacted the city for comment on the issue.  So far we have not heard back.  

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