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Parking costs to increase at UH Manoa

MANOA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The cost of having a vehicle on campus at UH Manoa could be going up in the near future, for students and employees alike.  The Board of Regents will begin the process of hiking costs on everything from parking permits to motor vehicle citations Thursday morning.

"It's the last thing we want to do, we don't want to make education more expensive.  It's money being well spent, unfortunately there's just not enough of it coming in right now," said UH Manoa Spokesman Dan Meisenzahl.

A simple parking ticket would increase from 15 dollars to forty dollars starting July 1st 2016. Tickets for repeat of flagrant parking violations would go from 25 dollars to 100.

"The tickets themselves are easy to avoid.  If you just follow the rules you won't get a ticket," said student Noe Itson.

There's no avoiding the rate hike on parking permits.  Day rates for students will gradually increase from the current 426 dollars annually, to 579 in fiscal year 2021.  For employees, it's far worse: upper campus permits will increase from 579 dollars to 936 in the same time frame.  That's an increase of over 60% in 6 years.

"I understand the school does need additional funds, at the same time it's kind of sad to see it's going to be taken out on the faculty who will be here after I'm gone," said law student Robert Zane.

The revenue will go towards offsetting inflation, repair and maintenance of the parking structure, and upkeep of the Rainbow Shuttle, which could be seeing more riders should the increases go through.

"It makes me feel like I need to come up with alternative ways to come to school other than driving, because I'm already paying for gas as well driving to school every day," said undergrad student William Cala.

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