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Local Connection: Pope Francis' trip to the United States

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

Just when there seems to be so much despair in the world, Pope Francis landed in America and managed to raise our hopes.

Millions of people lined the boulevards as he energetically moved from event to event, and millions more watched on television and experienced his message of humility, compassion and love.

Even people who don't consider themselves spiritual find him inspirational as a role model for an upright life.

At the same time, he brings frank talk about the difficult issues of our time, about our growing indifference to the poor and suffering, about the threat from climate change, about our tendency to condemn and distrust those who are different from us.

And clearly the whole world is listening. 

Many of course believe this is evidence of the power of the Holy Spirit.

But it is also because this Pope seems to instinctively understand branding in the modern age. 

We saw it moments after he arrived in the U.S. when he shook the President's hand and climbed into a tiny Fiat hatchback instead of an armored limousine.  

I'm convinced he knows exactly how powerful a message that was in a country still preoccupied with material things.

A humble man of God capable of charming millions through the media. What an inspiration. 

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