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EXCLUSIVE: City closes West Loch piers

EWA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -

The city has closed 16 piers along the West Loch Community Shoreline Park for safety reasons.

The city recently placed "Keep Out" signs around the piers after inspections found that all of them were structurally unsafe.

"The concrete that is in the water is deteriorating pretty badly. The connections between the concrete and the wood have disintegrated," said Robert Kroning, director of the Department of Design and Construction. "The rebar is starting to be eaten through by the salt water."

These docks date back to the early 1960s, when homes in the West Loch community were first being developed.

The piers are located along a stretch of West Loch, nicknamed  "Chocolate Beach" because the waters are usually pretty muddy after it rains.

The problem is that years of wear and tear have taken a toll on the structures.

The city is now studying whether to repair the structures or demolish them. Both options will cost a lot of money and will likely require a lengthy permitting process.

Some fisherman feared that the city had already made a decision to tear down the structures and that they would do so as early as today.

Kapolei resident Chris Takahashi believes the city should instead reopened piers. In recent weeks, Takahashi said volunteers have made significant repairs to the piers, which he says are now safe.

"We did everything, we did all the work to make the piers safe by replacing the planks," he said. "It's actually very, very sound."

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