Kalaheo's Triple Threat: Denali Jackson

Kalaheo's Triple Threat: Denali Jackson

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It's been a busy fall for Denali Jackson.  The Kalaheo senior who was recently crowned Homecoming queen has been dividing her time on Friday nights between cheering from the sidelines, and suiting up and getting in the game for the Mustangs.

"I cheer for the JV game and then as soon as the guys show up I grab my pads and I go change and then I warm up and play with them," Jackson said.

She made varsity this year having never played football before and says she tried out on a dare after learning that kicking runs in the family.

"Her cousin is a football player for the Miami Dolphins and since he's punter she said can I kick," Denali's father Dougles said.  "She kept bothering me and then finally we took a ball out and she kicked it, and she kicked it really well."

"I learned that I could kick over the summer and so I got a crazy idea, just to try out for the football team," said Jackson.  "So I went out and the team welcomed me in and the coaching staff welcomed me in and you know, here I am."

Football isn't Jackson's only varsity sport, she's also captain of Kalaheo's water polo and soccer teams. The multi-talented athlete says her dreams after high school involved a different kind of football.

"I'm a soccer player, so I plan on going to college and hopefully playing soccer and if I get there and football's an option maybe you know, I'll try out for that."