Many Oahu homeowners will not be able to build ADU's

Many Oahu homeowners will not be able to build ADU’s

MILILANI, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Many homeowners on Oahu will not be able to take advantage of a new law that allows them build additional rental units on their properties.

"A lot of people have been calling up saying 'hey can I build an ADU? What do I have to do?,'" explains David O' Neal, General Manager of Mililani Town Association.

O'Neal says that ever since Mayor Caldwell signed the Accessory Dwelling Unit law, residents have been inquiring about building rental structures on their own properties.

"Unfortunately we're telling them they're not allowed to have that." 

That's because in towns like Mililani, when someone buys a property, they agree to follow certain rules set forth by the governing body.

"It's designed to keep the aesthetics nice, keep the property values up. Things like keeping your grass mowed, keeping your house painted" said O'Neal.

In Mililani, the bylaws expressly state only one residence is permitted per lot. The law was written to include all applicable properties, but the City didn't see fit to strong arm any homeowners associations.

"The City doesn't get into those types of agreements. Those are voluntary agreements with groups of homeowners," said Harrison Rue, the City's TOD Administrator.

There is a way to get an ADU built in a covenant controlled community, but it's not easy.

"It would take 75% of the community of 16,000 homes to change those governing documents. Basically it's something that's not going to change," said O'Neal.

To read a copy of the ADU law, click HERE.

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