Waikiki residents complain about sewer work, wonder when it will end

Waikiki residents complain about sewer work, wonder when it will end

WAIKIKI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Construction related to a new tower at the Hilton Hawaiian Village is drawing some concerns and complaints from Waikiki residents.

Hilton broke ground last year on a 37-story luxury timeshare tower called the Grand Islander. The tower, with more than 400 units, is scheduled for completion in February 2017. But the area around Kalia Road, Ala Moana Boulevard and Kalakaua has been dug up for new sewer lines that are needed for the project.

"I think they discovered that the sewer line would not support the new buildings at the Hilton, so Hilton had to pick up the cost of the new sewer connection," said Bob Finley, chairman of the Waikiki Neighborhood Board.

So for the past several months, sidewalks have been closed, pavement has been dug up, and traffic at the busy entryway to Waikiki has been slowed, much to the dismay of residents who live nearby.

"They complain about the noise, because a lot of people like to have their doors open and everything," said Clifton Johnson, president of the Board of Directors of the Wailana at Waikiki condominium, across the street from Hilton Hawaiian Village.

The sidewalk along Ala Moana at Fort DeRussy is still closed off, and the project appears nowhere near completion. The Waikiki Neighborhood Board said it has heard from people who wonder why the project is taking so long.

"I've heard from other sources that they ran into projects over here and now the project is delayed," said Johnson. "We're not hearing anything from Hilton or the contractors or anything, just second-hand information."

A Hilton construction website said the sewer line work is scheduled to be complete by the end of this year. A spokeswoman for Hilton said it was working with its contractors to minimize disruptions and inconvenience in the area.

However, neighbors said they would like more communication from Hilton.

"It's kinda silly that it's a major company like that has all this work going on, and not telling the neighbors," said Johnson.

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