Dead rodent found in boiling food at Honolulu military market

Dead rodent found in boiling food at Honolulu military market
Aliamanu Military Reservation shopette
Aliamanu Military Reservation shopette

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A Honolulu woman wants to notify the public about a disturbing discovery she made while shopping for food at a military market on Friday.

"I had a hard time not vomiting right there in the middle of the store," said Jenny Bugliesi.

Bugliesi said she went to the Aliamanu Military Reservation's shopette Friday evening to buy some boiled peanuts when she scooped up something repulsive.

"I did like a triple take. I couldn't believe it. I was like what is this? And you look at it more closely and I was like…'Ahh! Teeth!'" Bugliesi said.

Bugliesi said the giant pot was practically empty when she went in around 4:00 p.m.

"I was kinda scraping the bottom and I was joking like, 'Oh I hope there's enough to fill up my cup.' And all of a sudden…I'm like, 'Oh my gosh! Look at this,'" she said.

"Pulls out this rat, the size of the ladle," said her friend Ashley Anderson.

"It was huge! It's like two peanuts put together...and it's deteriorated…there's no fur," said Anderson.

Bugliesi and Anderson said a worker told them they fill up the pot every morning, making them wonder if the rodent had been in there all day long.

"Kind of panic because you think of how many kids there are on AMR…and you think of people who are there eating this, especially because it's new and it was empty," Anderson said.

"It was the bottom of the barrel, which means all day long, people have been eating this," said Bugliesi.

Bugliesi said she and her family love the shopette's boiled peanuts and they eat them all the time. All they want is to get the message out to the AMR community.

"We're not here to get the shopette in trouble, for one. We're just here to say, 'Hey, if there is any sickness and you having food poisoning and you are very sick and you don't know why, maybe it's because you had eaten these Cajun boiled peanuts," said Anderson.

Hawaii News Now reached out to the Army Air Force Exchange Service and was given this statement:

Once the partial mouse was found in the pot the Exchange followed proper procedure and notified Preventive Medicine. They are currently investigating to determine how it got into the pot. As a precaution, that lot of peanuts has been removed from the stock assortment.

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