Kailua street gets homemade sign while waiting for permanent replacement

Kailua street gets homemade sign while waiting for permanent replacement

KAILUA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Some Kailua residents have taken matters in their own hands after being told how long it would take to replace a street sign in their neighborhood.

The sign marking Kamahele Street at Keolu Drive isn't your standard green-and-white metal sign.

"I babysit on this street, and I was looking at the street sign once and I was like, wait, that's not a normal street sign," said Chelse Goergen.

The sign for Kamuela Street is made with black press-on letter on corrugated plastic sign stock, covered and attached to the pole with wide transparent tape.

The original sign was discovered missing about three weeks ago.

"We had a truck that was making a delivery, and they couldn't find our street," said resident Lisette Blumhardt. "I said, just turn on the street across from St. John Vianney (church), just look for the sign. He went around Keolu Drive twice and said, 'There is no sign.'"

The next street up, Kupau Street, is missing its sign as well. Blumhardt wanted something done on her street.

"I called the city and reported it, and they said it would be a two to seven month wait before a new sign could be replaced," she said. "So we just made our own and stuck it up there."

There also was a second sign taped to the post, explaining the temporary Kamuela Street sign and the two to seven-month wait for a permanent one. However, someone took that one away by Friday afternoon.

Just up Kamuela Street, there's a brand new sign marking the intersection with Kamuela Place. Neighbors say it took several months before that one went up to replace the missing original one.

A city spokesman said there's no hard timetable for replacing street signs, and that it depends on how soon it is reported and whether the street is a major one..

Blumhardt's creation has survived the recent heavy rains unscathed. But will it last two to seven months?

"I'm hoping. I guess i can get out supplies and make another one of it dies on us. I don't know," she said, laughing.

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