Shipping containers taking shape as transitional housing

Shipping containers taking shape as transitional housing


Container Storage Company of Hawaii has started retrofitting the first two shipping containers the city will use at its Hale Mauliola transitional housing center on Sand Island.

"We're basically putting in drywall, doors and windows and some LED lights," Chris Thometz said.

Each container will have a three foot by three foot aluminum sliding window with a screen. The entrance will have a steel door outfitted with a combination lock and a screen door.

"The main security door will open inward. The screen door will open outward. And when you open the window and the main door you can have flow through ventilation nicely," Thometz said.

By November, 25 containers will be on the Sand Island site, where paving is being completed and lighting has been installed.

"We're waiting for Hawaiian Electric Company to tap in the high voltage line, install the riser power cable, and install the transformer," Department of Facility Maintenance deputy director Ed Manglallan said.

Drywall partitions will divide the containers into two or three units. Walls will be insulated and painted and vinyl floors will go down.

"Outside then we're going to paint it, put roof coating which cuts down heat gain and protects the roof from leaks," Thometz said.

A roof tent will connect the containers, provide shade, and help cool the units.

"Between the insulated interior walls and roof coating and the shade cloth, we're going to have some very comfortable units," Thometz said.

Container Storage is getting paid about $500,000 to transform the containers into modular dwellings, then deliver and install them. The first two will be finished in a week or two.

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