What's Trending 9/15/15: Teen sleep, chilli monologue, buy ruins magic trick, dog loves hot tub

What's Trending 9/15/15: Teen sleep, chilli monologue, boy ruins magic trick, dog loves hot tub

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The clock company Sleep Cycle collects voluntary data from people who use their clocks.

It has put out a report comparing teenaged sleep habits, state by state.

According to them, Hawaii teens get the best sleep of all 50 states, surpassing Montana and Vermont. Our children are also the earliest to rise of any state, average rising at 6:36. That is 22 minutes earlier than the national average.

If your teen in no way resembles this report, take away the video games. There is now abundant evidence that adults and teens alike have trouble sleeping when they're using electronics, with teens especially prone to lose track of time and stay up all night playing video games.

A director in Britain put actors to task... Reciting Shakespeare.

But there's a catch. They also had to munch on hot peppers... Jalapenos, ghost peppers and Komodo dragon chillis.

You know how there's always that one kid...that one kid that ruins everything. In this case, it's Murray.

He proved to be too smart when he spotted the magician's trick and ruined his act.

We all love a good soak in the hot tub....right?

Cuzzie loves hot tubs too! He especially loves when the jets massage his back. His owner says he will hop in and press against the jet and croon in pleasure.

Cuzzie's video was first uploaded in 2013, but has only gone viral this week.

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