6-year-old surfer returns ring lost 18 years ago

6-year-old surfer returns ring lost 18 years ago
Kidder's ring after being in the ocean for 18 years
Kidder's ring after being in the ocean for 18 years

KONA, HAWAII (HawaiiNewsNow) - Six-year-old Max Germond surfs at Banyans on the Big Island every day.

On Thursday, he was helping a friend look for a lost fin when they came across something else that had been lost.

"My friend Desi was snorkeling and he was snorkeling for a fin that he lost, and then he found his fin and then he found the ring and then he was so happy that he found…his fin that he just gave the ring to me," said Max.

That ring is a Konawaena class ring of 1997 with the name David Kidder etched on the inside.

So Max and his father went to Facebook hoping to track down the rightful owner.

Little did they know the owner hadn't seen that ring in 18 years!

"It was the day after Senior Prom and some surf was good at Banyans," Kidder said.

"And went in before I went to work and jumped off one of the rocks to go paddle out and the ring fell off my finger right when I jumped out and I haven't seen it since," he said.

Kidder, who is a Kona boy himself, got a part-time job back then and worked really hard to save up his money to buy that ring for himself. He only got to wear it for two weeks.

The three met up at Banyans over the weekend for the ring reunion.

Kidder says it's hard to believe it was still at the same spot looking almost as if it were untouched.

"It still had a nice gold shine to it, there was no real scarring on it, it wasn't broken," said Kidder.

"I went home, cleaned it up, put it on and it felt pretty good to have it back on me. It doesn't fit on the finger I bought it for, but it still fits on a finger," he said laughing.

"You couldn't take the smile off his face," Max's father Philip Bolek said.

"He put it on and just kept looking at it, so that was great, just the smile on his face the whole time we were here with him. He had this great big glow on him…just makes you feel real good inside and that's what I'm trying to teach to Max."

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