More heavy rain on Oahu, but no major damage reported

Ross Sasamura
Ross Sasamura
Audrey Manasterski
Audrey Manasterski

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - There have been no reports of major damage or sewage overflows in the latest round of heavy rains to hit the islands, with most of the rain drenching Oahu.

In Windward Oahu, Kamehameha Highway in Kahaluu was covered with several inches of water, while further up the road, the highway was closed once again at the Waikane Bridge.

Vehicles were slowly navigating their way through the long stretch, which often overflows during heavy rain.

City officials urged case when driving through water in rainy weather.

"Take caution whenever there's standing water in the roadway, because you don't know how deep that water may be, you don't know what issues there may be with he roadway, with large potholes or other things that could disable your vehicle," said Ross Sasamura, the city's Director of Facilities Maintenance.

It was a longer Aloha Friday commute, especially for motorists headed to the windward side. Traffic slowed down on the Pali Highway well before the tunnels, and vehicles snaked their way slowly down the hairpin turn. Cars moved slow enough where drivers could take in the view of several waterfalls on the Koolau range.

Earlier downpours reduced visibility for drivers in several areas, including the H-3 Freeway. They also created rivers of brown water where quiet streams usually trickle.

In Waikiki, fans have already camped out for Saturday night's scheduled Sunset on the Beach for the premiere of Hawaii Five-O's sixth season. They're ready for the rain.

"I have an umbrella there, it protected us," said longtime fan Audrey Manasterski of Canada. "Well, it's rain, and I'm English. I'm from England, originally."

Five-O producers said they are going ahead with preparations for Sunset on the Beach, despite the threat of more rain Saturday.

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